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Deactivate exam mode

When I first started the HP Prime G2, exam mode was activated. Now the middle LED flashes continuously. Even resetting it had no effect. The problem is that I can now neither select the basic mode nor the standard test. On page 3/4 the upper bar is highlighted in orange. What I also can't do is connect the HP Prime to the software connectivity using a USB cable. Is there a trick how I can fix the problem? It would be cool if this could be done without doing a factory reset since I already have around 15 equations programmed.

Hi Stefan,


This is weird indeed, your Prime seems to be stuck in exam mode. You could try removing the battery and/or connecting it to the PC, which should normally do the trick. If not, please update your firmware using the Connectivity Kit. Make sure to make a backup of your files before you do this. If all fails, please contact your reseller for other options.