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How to connect Hp prime to connectivity kit

I've downloaded the Hp connect kit. I connected my Hp prime to my computer with the usb-a cord that was givin. When I boot up the Kit it says, "Modify Setup". Below I have three buttons to respond with; Repair, Uninstall, and close. I have tried the repair which doesn't work. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled the same and many other versions. I've spent maybe 2-5 hours trying to find an answer but nothing has shown up. I looked up a installation video to see if I'm doing something wrong but, I can't find a single installation video. This is my last resort. If no one on this forum knows how to fix this, I don't know what todo.



Did you try deleting the CK and also the files in the My Documents folder that belong to it? If so, instal the software again from and that should do it. What hardware version of Prime do you use?