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My question

whether calculators listed as "archived" can be considered as effectively defunct was deleted, but not answered.

May I take this as a substantive hint about the availability of HP RPN calculators?

Hello anetzer,


I hope I read your message correctly, but if the question is whether HP is still producing RPN calculators, the answer is yes. We still have 12C and 12C Platinum and the 17BII+ that offer RPN mode. The scientific calculators with RPN, such as 35S, unfortunately are end of life.

Hello Klaas,

may I ask why? I would be really interested in understanding if RPN calculators are end of life because the method is considered not efficient or beacuse the market is not strong enough.

As a structural engineer I use it daily and so do many of my collegues and I would never go back to a different input system.

The available rpn calculators are not as functional as 35s for istance. Just 1 visible line for inputs, horizontal layout, etc... looks like they are more for nostalgics.




Calculators listed as "archived" typically indicate that the product is no longer actively produced or supported by the manufacturer. Therefore, these calculators can generally be considered effectively defunct. Regarding HP RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculators, if they are listed as archived on official channels, it means HP is no longer manufacturing these models. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they are entirely unavailable. You might still find these calculators through secondary markets such as eBay, Amazon (third-party sellers), or specialized forums and marketplaces for vintage or discontinued electronics. Additionally, some stores specialize in vintage electronics and may carry archived HP RPN calculators. Enthusiast groups or forums dedicated to HP calculators might also have members selling or trading units. While new models might not be available directly from HP, the secondary market can be a good resource for obtaining these calculators, especially if you're looking to add them to your invoice as collectible items.