Frequently Asked Questions

My calculator is not functioning properly, how do I fix it? Do I service it right away?

Good rule of thumb is to proceed with a couple of tests to see if the problem is persistent. First step would be to check if the batteries are fully charged and able to power the calculator, then if issues still appear, reset the calculator completely by following the procedure described in the calculator’s manual. Some models also have self-tests designed to verify the functionality. To find how to access these, please refer to the full manual of your calculator.

How do I perform reset of my calculator?

Depending on the model, there are as many as 3 ways to reset the misbehaving calculator – Resetting by using the keyboard, Resetting by using a paperclip and Resetting by draining the capacitors. For the proper procedures, always refer to the troubleshooting or full manual of your calculator.

What batteries does my calculator use, and how do I change them?

Depending on the model, it can either be a coin cell battery or lithium-ion accumulators. For the exact battery type, always refer to the full manual of your calculator where you can find a whole section dedicated to changing the batteries.

My calculator is displaying an error message I don’t understand, how do I fix this?

The exact error messages can vary from a model to model and usually indicate either syntax or calculations issues. In case of some persistent errors or errors that are not going away with a simple memory clear or a reset, please refer to the Error section of the full manual of your calculators, where you can find the whole list of errors, their descriptions and how to fix or avoid them.

I can’t seem to figure out how to use a function of my calculator, what to do now?

Best course of action here is to find the full manual of your calculator, either physical or digital version, then search the manual’s index for the function or calculation you want to perform. The manual should have all the steps. In case you’re still unable to find the solution, you can ask our staff or fellow HP calculator users through our community forum.

Where can I find manuals and support materials online?

You can browse the support sections of this portal to find all that you’d need to . For legacy models, we’d recommend some of the enthusiast websites. Lasty we also have a whole community forum section where you can discuss your issues with our staff and fellow HP calculator users.